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[story_top_title] Our Story
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[story_bottom_title] No Sugar No Worries
[story_bottom_description] Great tasting drinks without the sugar overload
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[intro_text_top] Naturally
[intro_text_middle] At Nexba we make drinks that taste and do good. Always natural. Always sugar free. Always delicious. Cheers to that!
[intro_text_bottom] Sugar Free
Comment Author
Honest, clean, and refreshing. You won’t find anything even remotely closer to personifying the phrase “guilt-free” as Nexba!  @Naz
The problem I have with Nexba is keeping them hidden from my kids so I can actually enjoy it too!
As a diabetic that also suffers from natural gut flora imbalances, Nexba Kombucha and Kefir drinks are heaven sent!
I suffer from sensitivity to sulfites and having a sugar-free, preservative free soft drink is fabulous. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Comment Author
Absolutely delish! Nexba is such a good Aussie success story. A surprising, sassy and refined taste. Fresh, healthy, bubbly and great for kids!
Lovely, refreshing change from what I've tried before. Will 100% be buying again
The flavour range is fantastic with the zero sugar a huge bonus!
I’ve just discovered your kombucha and can confirm it’s the best I’ve ever tasted!
Our Impact
31 July 2022 00:00:01
[sugar_per_hour] 133,333
[impact] Together we’ve removed over 5 billion grams of sugar from Global diets… and counting!