10 tips to energise you this winter!

Posted by annabel|is_sticky on 20th Oct 2022

10 ways to keep energised this winter!

October is upon us which means one thing… (no we’re not talking about our Halloween outfit… although a Zombie Nexba Kombucha has never looked so good).

We’re talking about the darker evenings and rainy weather; it can be super hard to keep energised and we can often fall back into old habits and rely on caffeine to get through our to do list!

That’s why we are giving you your Christmas gift early this year and sharing our top 10 tips to keep your energy levels high this winter, naturally, making you feel even better!

1) Get more sleep

I know I’m pointing out the obvious but sleep often falls to the bottom of the priority list when you have a deadline, social occasion or even just a good Netflix series! Many people cut into hours that should be spent in bed, pushing it back by half an hour… then an hour… then another and suddenly you are running off 5 hours sleep! Not getting enough sleep can drain your energy levels and reduce productivity – aim for a minimum of 7 hours sleep each night to keep your energy levels boosted this winter!

2) Limit your sugar

I know it’s easy to reach for a Dairy Milk or Haribo when you’re feeling tired, thinking it will give you a sugar boost and help increase your energy levels! Although sugar does provide a brief uplift, it is very short lived and can more often leave you feeling even more tired than before! This is due to the high sugar spiking your blood sugar followed by a crash as your body releases a large amount of insulin – want to know more about the sugar rollercoaster? Check out our blog here by nutritionist Clarissa Lenherr. If you’re in need of a sweet treat to get your sugar fix, opt for natural sources such as fruit!

3) Reduce Stress

Life can be very stressful, whether it’s a big meeting at work or organising your mate’s birthday party, life’s busy and it can often feel overwhelming, leading to feeling stressed and anxious! Not only does this take its toll on your physical and mental wellbeing, but it has also been closely linked to fatigue and tiredness. Take some time with a friend or by yourself to analyse the key contributors of stress in your life and whether you could remove them. Of course, this isn’t always possible, so evaluate what you could do to try and reduce the stress caused in order to help bump up your energy levels.

4) Focus on your gut health

You may not know, but your gut plays a very important role in providing your body with energy, whether that is physically or mentally. If our gut health is compromised, this means we won’t be able to break down our food and absorb nutrients for cellular energy production, leaving us feeling tired and lacking in energy. Therefore, it is key to ensure your gut is happy this winter – so make sure you feed your gut with lots of prebiotic good-gut fibres which can be found in Nexba Natural Energy.

5) Get outside and get moving!

Did you know that exercise actually boosts your body’s energy reserves?!

Exercise can increase your energy level. Getting outside in the fresh air may actually help more than a nap for providing you with an energy boost and fighting off feelings of tiredness. Recent studies suggest that scheduled physical activity will actually increase energy levels more so than forty winks of sleep.

6) Stay hydrated

Dehydration can have a huge effect on your brain function, mood and energy levels with studies showing that dehydration significantly increases fatigue! If you feel thirsty, you’re already dehydrated! Make sure you’re sipping on water regularly throughout the day to keep those energy levels high!

7) Drink Nexba Natural Energy

Nexba Natural Energy provides a gentle uplift, its naturally sugar free with vitamins, botanicals and good gut fibres! This bad boy gives you everyday energy without the sugar or caffeine crash, meaning you can sip your way to sustainable energy levels!

8) Connect with people

Social connection is super important for maintaining good overall health! Social isolation is known to cause low mood and tiredness, having a strong social support network is associated to positive mental wellbeing! Surround yourself with people that lift your spirits and fuel your happiness or try a new hobby that gets you excited!

9) Reduce your screentime

Excessive screen time has been linked to poor sleep quality resulting in reduced energy levels – the average UK person spends 6 and a half hours looking at a screen each day! A Harvard study found using a screen before sleeping will cause you to feel sleepy and groggy when you wake up in the morning. Try switching off from your screen for 2 hours before going to bed and create a digital detox night-time routine!

10) Don’t hit the snooze button

Studies have shown that snoozing past your alarm leads to a more negative impact on your day than positive! This is due to your extra 5 or 10 minutes of light sleep which doesn’t allow you to enter the deep sleep state, therefore when you are forced awake again your body goes into fight or flight mode triggering increase blood pressure and heartbeat when you wake up, leaving you feeling stressed as you start your day. Try and stick to the 5 second rule – when the alarm goes off, aim to be out of bed within 5 seconds of your alarm.


The majority of energy drinks on the market use caffeine and sugar as stimulants, which when consumed can often lead to a sugar and caffeine crash, rather than a steady boost. Instead, opting for natural energy sources from vitamins and herbs as well as focusing on reducing your reliance on sugar, can give you that consistent energy you need.

That’s where Nexba Natural Energy comes in providing you with everyday energy! Ginseng is a natural stimulant that provides energy, may boost mood and even support brain function, plus it comes without any side effects, crashes or nasties. Studies have shown that a single dose of ginseng can positively impact mental performance, mental fatigue and blood sugar levels. 

B vitamins help us to release energy from the food we eat. B12 is vital for energy and B6 has been shown to support mood and metabolism. Nexba Natural Energy also have good-gut fibres, keeping your gut happy and your body energised! When it comes to sweetness, opt for natural flavourings instead from fruits such as grapefruit, lemon and yuzu. They don’t only provide a delicious taste, they also provide a natural vitamin C hit. 

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Annabel Rawsthorne