Natural Energy

Posted by annabel on 1st Jul 2022

Natural Energy

Bored of burn out? Looking to boost your everyday? We’ve got you covered with our delicious Lemon & Yuzu and Wild Citrus natural caffeine free energy drink range.

Energise your days with Nexba’s all-natural caffeine and sugar free energy drink, loaded with vitamins, botanicals and prebiotics to provide a deliciously sustainable energy hit with no post caffeine crash.

Awaken your palette with a mouth-watering combination of zesty Lemon and fresh Yuzu for a vibrant taste or try out our punchy Wild Citrus? Meet your new best friend, Nexba Natural Energy – Everyday Energy, for Everyone.

Don’t just take our word for it… Check out what qualified nutritionist Clarissa Lenherr has to say here

All the good bits, none of the bad:
  • 100% NATURALLY DELICIOUS – Mind blowingly delicious flavour combination of zesty Lemon and refreshing Yuzu
  • 100% CAFFIENE FREE – An energising lift without the post caffeine crash
  • 100% GUT FRIENDLY – Added good-gut-health prebiotic fibres
  • 100% SUGAR FREE – Sweetened with Nexba’s ‘GOOD SWEET’ natural sweetener, made with 100% natural ingredients and nothing artificial
  • 100% SUPER HEALTHY – Virtually calorie free with ginseng, vitamin B and added good-gut-health prebiotic fibres
  • 100% UNIQUE – Our all natural Nexba sweetener is one of a kind, matching the mouthfeel and delicious taste of sugar with none of the calories and no funny aftertaste. The UK’s first gut health positive caffeine free everyday energy drink. Enjoy!
What’s inside?

Lemon & Yuzu: Sparkling water, Natural flavours (erythritol, lemon, yuzu, sage), acacia fibre, citric acid, natural sweetener (steviol glycosides), Ginseng extract, natural colour, vitamin B2, B3, B6, B12.

Wild Citrus: Sparkling water, Natural flavours (erythritol, mandarin, grapefruit, rosemary), acacia fibre, citric acid, natural sweetener (steviol glycosides), ginseng extract, natural colour, vitamin B2, B3, B6, B12.

*erythritol is naturally produced by fermentation of starches in fruits and vegetables.