Posted by annabel on 1st Jul 2022


We’ve searched high and low for the best natural and active age-old ingredients and expertly blended them into delicious cans of goodness that you’d never know were actively working to support a healthy body and mind!

Once we started getting creative with our nootropic drink and researching all the amazing ingredients out there, we knew couldn’t stop at just one. So, instead, we came up with a whole collection, so there truly is something for everybody. The range includes Blueberry Calm, Pink Grapefruit Glow & Passionfruit  Focus.

The best part is that you can mix and match Nexba Nootropics dependent on which part of your body or mind needs a boost on any given day, and even pair them with your favourite Nexba Kombucha for extra good gut feels.

Plus, unlike other drinks on the market, the whole range is sugar-free, made with only natural ingredients, and produced right here in the UK! And if we do say so ourselves, they taste bloody good too!

Keen to know more about what goes inside these little cans of goodness & our best-in-biz flavours? Check out Nootropics 101 blog!

All the good bits, none of the bad:
  • 100% NATURALLY DELICIOUS – A drink for every occasion
  • 100% NATURAL AND ACTIVE INGREDIENTS – Using NOOTROPICS to support a healthy body and mind, with zero artificials
  • 100% SUGAR FREE – Sweetened with Nexba ‘GOOD SWEET’ natural sweetener, made with 100% natural ingredients and nothing artificial
  • 100% SUPER-HEALTHY – Virtually calorie free yet bursting with dreamy flavours to please your taste buds
  • 100% UNIQUE – Our all natural Nexba sweetener is one of a kind, matching the mouthfeel and delicious taste of sugar with none of the calories and no funny aftertaste. Enjoy!
  • We’re all about making drinks that taste great AND do good.
What’s inside?

Calm: Sparkling water, natural flavours (erythritol, blueberry, apple), citric acid, natural sweetener (steviol glycosides), ashwagandha extract, natural colour, chamomile extract, vitamin B6.

Glow: Sparkling water, natural flavours (erythritol, pink grapefruit), citric acid, natural sweetener (steviol glycosides), aloe vera extract, ginkgo biloba extract, vitamin C (ascorbic acid) natural colour, vitamin A.

Focus: Sparkling water, Natural flavours (erythritol, passionfruit), citric acid, natural sweetener (steviol glycosides), natural colour, ginseng extract, green tea extract, vitamin D.

*erythritol is naturally produced by fermentation of starches in fruits and vegetables.

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